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How are your rates so low?

We are much more interested in the “economies of scale” concept and retaining our clients for long periods of time, NOT just setting pricing low and then increasing it 3-6 months later! You can see for yourself which is why we are very proud of our extremely lost client ratio.

Why can't you just provide rates?

If other Merchant Processors are doing this they are throwing out percentages based on “experience” versus truly taking a consultative approach. Its very important we see the ENTIRE picture and advise not only on how much we can save but other approaches to create efficiencies within your business!

Nathan Leathers

CEO, Green Guard Merchant Services

Nate has learned that over the years bringing as much value to his clients as possible under the umbrella of Green Guard Services has created the large Merchant Services provider that is known as Green Guard Merchant Services today. He has negotiated the industries lowest rates GUARANTEED while utilizing his top tier service model to be far beyond his competitors and the growth shows. Give Green Guard Merchant Services a try, you will not regret it!

Our Service Model will prove to be by far the fastest response time, most advanced technologically, making this industry otherwise knows and turn and burn a change of pace for once!