Daily we get, how are your prices so low yet you have the best service we have ever hard? Want to see some more common questions—>

Frequently Asked Questions


How are your rates so low?
We are much more interested in the “economies of scale” concept and retaining our clients for long periods of time, NOT just setting pricing low and then increasing it 3-6 months later! You can see for yourself which is why we are very proud of our extremely lost client ratio.
Why can't you just provide rates?
If other Merchant Processors are doing this they are throwing out percentages based on “experience” versus truly taking a consultative approach. Its very important we see the ENTIRE picture and advise not only on how much we can save but other approaches to create efficiencies within your business!

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Our secret isn’t such a secret.

Green Guard Merchant Services “Secret Sauce” isn’t such a secret, the cat is out of the bag. We provide GREAT SERVICE, CONSISTENTLY, ON TIME AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH OUR PROMISE! Yes that may sound silly but as most of you reading this knows, great service isn’t so common these days.

We believe the art of excellent service is lost and we have brought it back.

OUR CLIENTS ARE THE #1 PRIORITY, NO EXCEPTIONS! Our employees know it, and our clients know it. Plain and simple, come see for yourself!