With our near immediate response time, any true understanding of the importance of getting your money in a quick timely fashion, you now can focus on your core business and let the professional handle merchant services for once and for all!

Satisfied Clients

What our clients are saying…

Erik Martin

Gym owner

“There are a MILLION Merchant Processors, I can tell you Green Guard stands ALONE with its technology, rapid response and LOW RATES!”
Jake Vanderwield, District Manager

“I cant say enough about Green Guard Merchant Services and how consistent and responsive they are, with my local tech any issues I have ever had they have been near immediate to fix my hardware issues!”
Eric White

Countrywide Loans

“Green Guard offers so much more than low rates even though that is why I originally met with them, but when my machines went down they were back to save the day within 2 hours!”
Silvester Shadrach

Olive Garden

“Green Guard is always so polite when we call and any time we need a refresher on how to get statements or questions about our equipment they are there to help, we are very happy with them in the year we have been with them!”
Théophile Juho

China Buffet

“We have been with Green Guard for over 5 years now and have had very fair rates since day one, never had issue reaching a LIVE person with questions, you need to talk to them, no exceptions!”

Aeschylus Pluto

Plutos Greek Cafe

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